Domino's, multiple locations

Domino’s Pizza’s new “Pizza Theater” store design brings the art and skill of pizza-making front and center.

Under the new design, developed in partnership with Columbus, Ohio-based Chute Gerdeman,  the service counter, which had always been positioned perpendicular to the store entrance, has been rotated 90 degrees to run length-wise, with the “Pizza Theater” area — where the chefs hand toss fresh dough and make each order — at the front and the cash register at the back. There is even a step platform so that children can see the action. And a chalkboard wall offers a creative outlet for kids of all ages.

There are penty of diversions to entertain customers while they wait for their orders, including a chalkboard.  Technology comes into play as well, with an order kiosk and Pizza Tracker — an electronic, personalized status board so that customers can track their orders.

More than a dozen of the new concept stores have been built throughout the U.S.  Going forward, all new stores will feature key components of the new design.

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