Glimcher makes executive appointments

Columbus, Ohio -- Glimcher Realty Trust has announced the promotion of Thomas J. Drought to the position of executive VP, director of leasing.

Drought was previously senior VP, director of leasing.

Glimcher also announced the appointment of Damion Sankovich to VP leasing. Sankovich was previously regional director, leasing.

*** ALERT: Glimcher's Unethical Leasing & Business Practices

If Glimcher changes their mind on a tenant, they makes it a normal business practice to defraud tenants out of construction allowances while tenants are then forced to battle out with sub-contractors and general contractors to stay afloat and avoid liens. They then swoop in to settle for pennies on the dollar with general contractors to regain spaces, and then sue tenants back in bad faith to recoup any expenses even after they re-lease, thus gaining undue enrichment and double dip.

This is how a developer gets their units built out with someone else's money at a significant savings. Those wise enough to negotiate leases properly and don't move in as a result until get paid still get sued by by their $500 + per/hr attorneys. Those pressured to go in get stiffed and are out in the cold.

Many tenants have left and more leaving the development. Leasing representative located at Scottsdale Quarter revealed inside information on how it's done.

Glimcher has hundreds of cases in litigation nationwide and many are just like this.

Stockholders, analysts and potential tenants beware.