Meijer simplifies sales program

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Grand Rapids, Mich. Meijer has introduced a new program to make it easier for shoppers to find the best deals.

The company unveiled a new system that divides sale items into three categories: Everyday best price, sale and price drop.

Items falling under the "Everyday best price" category will be the lowest priced. Deeper discounts will be offered on "sale" items for a limited time period. The "price drop" category includes thousands of items that represent special buys or promotions from suppliers and are reduced in price for a longer duration than typical "sale" items.

"The current economic climate has created a generation of very strategic shoppers,” said J.K. Symancyk, executive VP merchandising for the company. β€œIt’s incumbent on us to make it as easy as possible to shop our stores, and to communicate the fact that our customers are getting the lowest prices.”