Report: Parents seek healthy food for kids

Chicago – Parents want to buy food and beverages for their kids that are healthy and appeal to the entire family. Results of a new proprietary study from food processing company Cargill show that 89% of parents said they ask their kids to broaden their tastes, and 69% said they ask their kids to try more adult food.

In addition, a majority of parents (76%) say they check the nutrition information on unfamiliar products. The survey also revealed that parents are actually less likely than the general population to check the nutrition facts panel (65% compared to 71%), but more likely to say they check nutrition highlights on the front of the package (65% compared to 55%).

"We know it's important to meet the nutrition and budget expectations of parents, while also satisfying kids on the taste dimension," said DeeAnn Roullier, marketing research manager, Cargill. "Our research provides a more specific understanding of gatekeeper purchase drivers in categories heavily consumed by kids. This helps us collaborate with customers to develop healthier foods that really resonate."