Study: Zappos is fastest holiday shipper

New York -- Zappos took the top spot in a ranking of fastest holiday shippers according to a study by Kurt Salmon and StellaService. The study analyzed shipping times for orders placed on Cyber Monday from more than 50 retailers across a broad range of retail sectors, from big boxes to online-only players. It found that retailers in the top-five delivered multi-unit orders in an average of 2.9 days.

The top five companies for holiday shipping are the following:

  • Zappos: 1 day
  • Barneys: 3 days
  • Net-A-Porter: 3 days
  • Costco: 3.3 days
  • Neiman Marcus: 4.4 days

The study found that the top-five retailers delivered multi-unit Cyber Monday orders in an average of 2.9 days, which was less than half the average fulfillment time of 6.2 days achieved by retailers in the analysis.