Techstar Plastics Offers Step-Stand

Ontario, Canada -

Techstar Plastics, Inc. has developed the Model SS1 Step-Stand with extra-wide design for maximum stepping area. This industrial-strength step-stand is perfect for use in plants, warehouses, supermarkets, retail outlets and facilities seeking to maximize the use of overhead space and deep shelving. It features an extra-wide non-skid anti-slip surface and measures 28 in. by 20 in. (700 mm by 500 mm), with skid-resistant rubber feet that grip the floor to ensure maximum stability.

Molded from durable roto-molded LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene), the Model SS1 Step-Stand weighs just 13 pounds (6 kg). Its four molded-in carry handles allow it to be lifted and moved with ease.

Model SS1 effectively gives the 5-ft. 3-in. person the same height advantage as the average 6-footer.

Maximum load capacity is 500 lbs., making it easily strong enough for the manual handling of any object. It is resistant to rust, chemicals and other workplace materials.