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Retail’s Ultimate Recruitment Technology Checklist: Increase Your Hiring Performance

There’s just so much you can manually do with your hiring processes, and you’re tired of looking at the pile of paper resumes and applications on your desk. The solution: implement a recruitment technology to streamline all of your retail hiring needs. More and more companies are turning to technology to optimize and simplify their recruitment tasks. The next step is finding the right one to fit your retail hiring needs.




Modernize Your Talent Acquisition Video

When recruiting in an increasingly competitive economy, it’s important to hire talent who can support and contribute to your business goals. Stay ahead of the competition by modernizing your talent acquisition strategy! In this webinar, this panelist of Human Resources experts will discuss:

• Secrets to optimizing recruitment performance
• The balance between cultural fit and candidate skills
• Best practices for leveraging company brand and culture
• The importance of workforce planning and expansion
• The impact that technology has on HR goals and ROI
• And more!

Case Study: New Balance and iCIMS
New Balance, a leading retailer and manufacturer of high-performance athletic footwear and apparel, was faced with the challenge of rapid employment expansion and manual recruitment processes. New Balance chose the iCIMS Talent Platform to help support their growth and optimize their talent management strategy.



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